Buyer Beware! Kings Road Merch - online store for music merch etc.

Claim they have all these high end clients whom they sell for, well I am disgusted! Ordered a birthday present for partner approx. 3 weeks prior to the actual day and when I checked my order status on their website it continually stated that my item was shipping soon. Now well and truly past my boyfriends birthday and the status still says the same thing.

Any communications I have attempted to get in contact with the company and I have had NO RESPONSE. Absolutely hopeless...they have my money and I have no information or present to show for it.

I have tried calling their contact number directly and only get an answering service asking to leave a message and they will get back to me. Yeah right!

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Wow. I have ordered several times from them.

Never a problem, prompt shipping and top notch CS. Even called a couple months after my orders for warranty documentation (b-boys Nixon watches) and they had the info for me within a day.


I see this is from 2011.. I am having the same problem in 2015!

Apparently tons of other consumers are as well, according to their Facebook. They are HORRIBLE> These bands should drop this company because they are handling their merch business horribly!


wow guys! I was just about to order over $100 worth of merchandise and then I started reading these comments.

I'm not doing it! I'm backing out! glad I came here first.

Thanks for the comments guys. I was literally at the check out page, lol

Erie, Pennsylvania, United States #942528

I had order Marilyn Manson new album the pale emperor on vinyl and paid for 2 day delivery From ups and still haven't got my order yet and I send them 3 email still haven't heard back from them yet. I *** pissed.


No one cares about your boyfriend or your first world problems.


I just ordered and have been now waiting for a week and even though I live out of the states it still has not arrived. I contacted customer service and no answer.

The order status says Shipped but my tracking number does not work, anyone have help? :?

Palos Park, Illinois, United States #584663

Totally got screwed by Kings Road Merch. Sent me half of my order and never responded to my complaints.

I called, I emailed: nothing. I hate feeling helpless, thanks Kings Road

to Jojo Minelli Palos Park, Illinois, United States #585351

UPDATE: KRM actually responded and sent me the rest of my order. It took a bit longer than any other company I've dealt with(a little over a week), but I'm happy. The customer service there is ran entirely by one dude; that job's gotta suck.

Seattle, Washington, United States #583095

Kings Road Merch has been nothing but awesome when I have ordered

for them. One time I had a limited edition shirt go missing in the mail that I ordered

around Christmas time.

They quickly without hesitation or question shipped a new one and received it before Christmas.

Got a person the first time I called customer service. Thought I'd just put that out there.


I have no issues when i bought a pre-ordered vinyl from Propagandhi.


I pre-ordered a record, and a few limited edition coloured pressings in Novemeber. They held all the items until the pre-order was released, but by that time they had oversold one of the other items.

Was not impressed


i bought a tom waits vinyl album in november of 2010. it was defective.

it's now november of 2011.

still no replacement, and no offer to return my money. this company stinks!!


Me too - exact same deal with my experience with Kings Road Merch. Ordered my item 3 months ago (They estimate delivery between 3-6 weeks - which I think is poor anyway). The item has still not arrived. Tracking says it was registered in postal centre in LA shortly after they despatched it 3 months ago. Nothing after that.

When I requested refund or some more info - they sent a message pretty much saying they sent it and now they don't care. That I now need to contact customs etc, and find it myself. Should they want to fix a problem if something went wrong? They are the vendor!

Kings Road Merch is poor. Everything else I buy from thee US is shipping within a week on average. I doubt they even sent it!

WARNING: Do not trust Kings Road Merch!!


I have had the exact same experience, horrible customer service!

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